Youth associations against racism

Grafik mit der Aufschrift: 100% Menschenwürde. Gemeinsam gegen Rassismus.
The International Weeks against Racism will run until 29 March 2020 under the motto "Show your face - raise your voice". Our board member Matthias Schröder says: "Racism must be fought always and everywhere."

As democratically organised youth associations we are united in diversity. We stand for equality of all genders, inclusion, religious freedom, social rights and justice. Our member organisation's values are plurality, democracy and freedom. Every day we show our face against racism - in democratic self-organisation, at events and holiday camps, in our daily life.

We raise our voice for inalienable human rights. The fight against racism is one of our core tasks and main concerns. As representatives of young people and part of an active civil society, we are committed to fighting against inhuman tendencies in society and to reject racist attitudes.

Matthias Schröder says: "We are still shocked by the recent events in Hanau. They prove once again that racist thought patterns can lead to racially motivated terror. And we know at the same time that racism is not only expressed in physical assaults, but is a structural and everyday problem in our society. Effective anti-racist commitment must start there. This happens in our member organisations in particular through political, diversity-conscious and anti-racist educational work."

We as German Federal Youth Cpuncil stand together with our member organisations against racism. We show our face, we raise our voice. Always and everywhere.

Themen: Racism