In the interests of young people

Children and young people get involved in youth organisations, bringing in their very own wishes, concerns and interests, different abilities and perspectives. They all need a strong voice in politics – we are their interest group, the German Federal Youth Council.

As a working group of youth organisations and regional youth councils (Landesjugendringe) in Germany, we represent a strong network. About six million children and young people are members of youth organisations and youth councils. Youth organisations are places for children and young people to experience a sense of community, learn, spend leisure time and be active.

In talks with decision-makers in politics and civil society, we raise the burning issues that the young generation faces. This way, we represent the diversity of young peoples’ key issues and demands for parliament, government and the general public. We campaign for a youth policy that is aware of young people, that empowers them to act and grow, that provides the space they need to develop and that supports their personal development. For a just participation of youth in society.