The office can be reached by telephone from Monday to Thursday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Friday from 10 a.m. to noon.

Some of us work mobile from home.


Deutscher Bundesjugendring
Mühlendamm 3
10178 Berlin

Leading Management

Media & Communication

Youth Policy Issues

  • Christian Weis (Head of Department), 030/40040-414, Mail
  • Lars Reisner (Policy Officer Youth politics & Vice Head) 030/40040-432, Mail
  • Shari Kohlmeyer (Policy Officer Youth travel & Youth politics) 030/40040-426, Mail
  • Andrea Grabietz (Policy Officer Juleica and Engagement) [on maternity leave]
  • Isabella Maier (Policy Officer Prevention of Sexualized Violence), 030/40040-429, Mail
  • Miriam Zubke (Policy Officer Youth Participation in Sustainable Development), 030/40040-435, Mail
  • Maximilian Lorenz (Policy Officer Extracurricular Political Youth Education), 030/40040-411, Mail
  • Claudia Krohn (Collaborator Juleica), 030/40040-428Mail
  • Jutta Brüggemann (Collaborator), 030/40040-434, Mail

International and European Youth Policy

Staff and Finances



The hotline of the Juleica team can be reached by mail.