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Strengthening the EU Youth Dialogue together as a trio

Vertreter:innen der Jugendringe aus Deutschland, Portugal und Slowenien
The EU Youth Conference in Germany is the first of three conferences in the trio presidency of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia. We met with the partners of the two youth councils in Berlin.

Rita Saias and João Pedro Videira from the National Youth Council from Portugal will take over the baton and continue working with the results of the German EU Youth Conference. In the last third, the National Youth Council in Slovenia will take over, for which Anja Fortuna and Moica Galun took part in the youth conference in Berlin.

The partners took the opportunity to make further arrangements for the trio presidency. Together we want to strengthen the EU Youth Dialogue, have a concrete influence on the policy of the European Union and promote the trio idea in the coming cycles of the Youth Dialogue, according to the principle: 1 cycle, 1 trio, 1 theme. The European Youth Goals are the basis for this.

It is important for us youth councils to further develop a common strategy for the trio.

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