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Council of Europe wants to abolish youth

The youth sector of the Council of Europe is enormously endangered by the threat of budget cuts. "The Council of Europe makes a very important contribution to society through education and youth activities. It would be fatal to cut the financial resources here because, for example, human rights education for young people and youth organisations is at stake," warns our chairman Tobias Köck.

The Council of Europe is a pioneer in youth participation. In no other political institution is youth participation lived as much as in the Council of Europe. Here, all decisions are made jointly by government representatives* and young people and youth participation is actively lived. Co-management is a best-practice instrument for youth participation at eye level. It's unique.

The Advisory Council on Youth plays an important role in promoting and disseminating the Council of Europe's values (human rights, democracy and the rule of law) among young people in Council of Europe member states and neighbouring countries. "Those who give up the youth sector also give up European values," says Tobias Köck.

It was not until 5 May that the Council of Europe celebrated its 70th anniversary. However, the plans are absolutely no reason to celebrate: because Russia, for example, does not pay its membership fees, the budget for the youth sector as a whole is at stake. As a representative of the interests of all children and young people in Germany, we demand the full preservation of the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and the youth education centres in Budapest and Strasbourg. "We appeal to the Federal Government to work in the Council of Europe for the preservation of the youth department and to compensate for the loss of membership fees from Russia," says Tobias Köck.


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