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Impressions from the EU Youth Conference in Portugal

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The EU Youth Conference in Portugal was attended by the EU youth representatives Wendla Schaper, Annalena Di Carlo and Max Schoen as well as our Vice-President Marius Schlageter.

The online conference took up the results from the German EU Youth Conference and the consultation results from the member states on the European Youth Goal #9 were discussed. The focus was on concrete implementation measures. The participants from all over Europe developed a toolbox with actions, measures and political requirements. It is still important to implement the European Youth Goal #9 and thus the political demands of young people. At the same time as the conference, there was a hackathon as a side event.

Marius Schlageter presented the results of the EU Youth Conference under the German Council Presidency and supported the transition to the Portuguese event. For him, the event had a special meaning because his path into youth politics started in Portugal almost 10 years ago with the realisation: "Young people need a voice in politics. We need to make their voices heard. For global problems we need global solutions and on a European perspective, European solutions."

Marius Schlageter congratulated Portugal on a successful EU Youth Conference. "Youth participation was at the centre. The trio of Germany, Portugal and Slovenia continue to work together to make the EU Youth Dialogue a success." The anticipation for the conference in Slovenia is accordingly great.

The EU youth representatives Wendla Schaper, Annalena Di Carlo and Max Schoen are also satisfied with the EU Youth Conference. A strongly predefined structure helped to quickly find concrete implementation possibilities. However, a few topics were lost that our youth representatives would have liked to introduce. Wendla Schaper says: "The next six months will be about implementing the Youth Goals. The support of the youth associations in Germany is necessary for this. The EU youth representatives will summarise their impressions and experiences in a detailed report.

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