Outcomes of the EU Youth Conference as postcards

At the EU Youth Conference 200 participants explored, discussed and worked on the topics youth, democracy and participation and developed ideas and demands on how the Youth Goal #9 “Space and Participation for All” could be realised. In the end, seven political demands were formulated, one for each Target of Youth Goal #9. The seven demands are now available in the form of postcards.

The seven demands of the EU youth delegates have already been included in the Conclusions of the Council of the European Union on "Youth and Democracy". But they remain relevant beyond that: In the daily work of youth associations and interest groups, for example, or in political efforts at the national level. The seven postcards are available digitally and can be used in a variety of ways to disseminate the demands of young people in Europe. Individual demands can be sent specifically to political leaders, used as conversation starters, or simply printed out and used as wall decorations in a dorm room.

Download postcards [PDFs as .zip-file]

For the German version of the postcards click here.