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Explanatory video: EU Youth Conference

The EU Youth Conferences take place every six months in the EU Member State holding the presidency of the Council of the EU. The next Youth Conference will take place in a digital format from 2 to 5 October 2020.

The EU Youth Dialogue focuses on the 11 European Youth Goals. They bring together the demands and wishes of young people for a European youth-friendly society. The EU Youth Goals are part of the EU Youth Strategy and are therefore fundamental principles of EU youth policy. The Youth Goals will be further developed at all political levels in order to implement them.

A Youth Goal is set by three countries, which together form a trio Presidency of the Council of the European Union for 18 months. During the trio Presidency, the EU Youth Dialogue will also focus on this Youth Goal.  The Youth Goal is also the subject of the EU Youth Conferences. EU Youth Conferences are a format for dialogue between young people and politicians on an equal footing.

The outcomes of the EU Youth Conferences are incorporated into the work of the EU Youth Council of Ministers. There, common positions of the EU countries are developed as recommendations and guidelines for the member states. They can also influence the work and tasks of the EU Commission.

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