Youth Dialogue

EU Youth Conference looks at youth work for all

At the EU Youth Conferences, young people enter into youth dialogue with political leaders at European level. About every six months, representatives of young people and ministries from the 28 Member States meet in a different country. Their task is to discuss the results of the youth dialogues in the Member States and draw political conclusions.

The framework for youth policy cooperation in the European Union is the new EU Youth Strategy 2019 - 2027. The EU Youth Strategy was adopted by the Youth Ministers of the European Union and we have taken a position on it. The priorities of the new EU Youth Strategy are "Participation - Encounter - Empowerment".  The EU Youth Strategy should also contribute to the implementation of the European Youth Goals.

Current Youth Conferences

The youth conferences in the period from January 2019 to June 2020 deal with the current topic of the youth dialogue: Creating opportunities for young people. At each youth conference, a focus will be set that is linked to the European Youth Goals. At the Youth Conference in Romania (26-28 March 2019) the focus was on "Good Work for All", based on the European Youth Goal 7.

The Youth Conference in Finland looks at "Good youth work for all", based on the European Youth Goal 8 "Good learning". The conference will take place from 1 to 3 July 2019. Anyone who wants to give the youth representatives concerns and demands to take with them on their way to Finland simply writes to beteiligung[at]

The Youth Conference in Croatia will focus on "Opportunities for Youth in Rural Areas", based on the European Youth Objective 6 "Promoting Youth in Rural Areas". The conference is planned for March 2020.


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