Youth Dialogue

European youth goals at the heart of youth dialogue

In the Youth Dialogue, young people and youth organisations discuss youth policy issues that are important to them with political leaders on the ground, in the Member States and at European level.

A thematic framework is provided by the European youth goals, which were formulated by over 50,000 young people from all over the EU in 2017 and 2018. The youth dialogue is about the design and implementation of the European Youth Goals.

The current issue: Creating opportunities for young people

For a cycle of 18 months, the youth dialogue focuses on one topic. In three phases - six months each - young people and politicians work together on this topic, in the Member States and at EU level.

Three phases in 18 months

1.  Engaging: The topic of the youth dialogue is discussed from different perspectives, young people and youth organisations network and work on the topic together.
 2.  Connecting: Proposals and demands are compiled and discussed in various forms of dialogue with political and administrative leaders at local, regional and national level. The results are bundled and recommendations are formulated.
 3. Empowering: Actual implementation proposals are formulated from the recommendations. The implementation proposals are fed into the political process and the implementation of the formulated recommendations at local and national level begins.

Creating opportunities for young people - that's what youth dialogue is all about. In the period from January 2019 to June 2020, three areas will be particularly focused:

  •     Good work for all: Basis is the European Youth Goal 7 "Good work for all".
  •     Good youth work for everyone. The basis is the European Youth Goal 8 "Good learning".
  •     Opportunities for youth in rural areas: Based on the European Youth Objective 6 "Promoting youth in rural areas".


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