Harvesting Summary of the EU Youth Conference

At the EU Youth Conference 200 participants explored, discussed and worked on the topics youth, democracy and participation and developed ideas and demands on how the Youth Goal #9 “Space and Participation for All” could be realised. With the “Harvesting Summary”, a detailed documentation of the conference is now available.

When we prepared the EU Youth Conference as a space for participation for all, standards of meaningful participation were key to its design, methodology and implementation. One important aspect of meaningful participation is to ensure proper documentation of the outcomes. In order to ensure that the outcomes are documented, a harvesting concept was developed on the basis of which 10 harvesters (the harvesting team) summarised the outcomes of the conference. The harvesting team itself consisted of young people only. This enabled young people to be involved in all levels of the process: harvesting, clustering and summarising the outcomes.

In the Harvesting Summary all topics that have been discussed at the conference are clustered and the main discussion points are summarised. It includes information on Context, Programme and Outcomes of the conference and summarizes the main discussion points of each conference day as well as four annexes that give further insights on the programme, the World Café, the BarCamp sessions, and the Working Groups on Targets. In total, more than 90 pages give the possibility for in-depth reading on what was discussed at our EU Youth Conference.

The Harvesting Summary is not the only publication on the EU Youth Conference and its outcomes. You will find an overview of all publications on this page: https://go.dbjr.de/euyc-harvesting