Think further about representative participation formats

On October 25-27, 2019, the DBJR General Assembly adopted the position "Think further about representative participation formats":

In 2020, the German Federal Youth Council (DBJR) will offer member organisations a platform for exchanging views on the (further) development of longer-term and structurally anchored participation formats for children and young people and the role of youth associations and councils in this field of action.

In order to create synergy effects, the experiences and results of the state youth councils and the municipal youth councils will be incorporated. The aim is an exchange between associations and an internal network for the strategic positioning of youth associations and councils in relation to developments regarding representative participation formats at municipal, state and federal level. In order to increase the capacity to act, a draft resolution is to be developed promptly on the basis of the exchange, which will be presented at the General Assembly of the German Federal Youth Council in 2020.


Decided unanimously by the General Assembly on 25-27 October 2019 in Berlin.

Themen: Participation