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Talking about Europe with Franziska Giffey

Together with the European Youth Forum, we met the Federal Minister for Youth in Brussels to talk to about Germany's upcoming EU Council Presidency in 2020.

At our meeting the Federal Minister for Youth, Franziska Giffey,  presented the plans of her ministry in the youth field for Germany's upcoming EU Council Presidency in 2020. The Ministry of Youth will focus on EU youth policy, gender equality, the promotion of democracy and youth participation. This priority is the right way to develop Europe in the interests of young people. We also discussed how the EU Youth Conference could be organised in Germany.

Franziska Giffey made it clear: "In order to make proper participation possible, we have to talk to young people. This also includes involving young people and young adults more closely in political decisions as experts on their own issues. It is therefore important to me that the ideas of the young people are also taken into account in the agenda of the German EU Council Presidency".

Shortly before our meeting, the EU Youth Minister Council adopted a governance paper on the new EU Youth Dialogue. This sets the framework for the participation cycle of the next trio presidency, Germany, Portugal and Slovenia. Germany will take over the EU Presidency in the second half of 2020, followed by Portugal and Slovenia. The main tasks of the trio will be to vote on the objectives and topics of the EU Youth Dialogue and to implement the EU Youth Goals.

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