European politics

Young people choose Europe, justice and climate protection

In the European elections, young people in particular made it clear that they wanted a democratic, social and supportive Europe. They also expect a clear policy for climate protection.

"We need a strong alliance for a democratic, sustainable and cosmopolitan Europe in the European Parliament," says our chairman Tobias Köck. The increased turnout proves that Europe is very important to people. The election analyses also show that young people reject a Europe of nation states and a Europe of demarcation. Compared to everyone over 60, they set significantly different accents. Even though the weight of young people is growing, older voters still determine the policies of the coming years. "This is unsatisfactory, but it challenges us in particular to fight for a strong Parliament. Without young people this commitment to democracy will not succeed, young people must be involved and finally allowed to vote," says Tobias Köck.

With our demands on Europe, we provide the Members of the European Parliament, in the interest of young people, with many indications as to which decisions are expected from young people in the coming legislature. "It's about a social Europe, a sustainable Europe, a youth-friendly Europe," says Tobias Köck. We will make our total of twelve demands. Equally important are the EU youth objectives formulated by young people. It contains concrete ideas about good work and good education, about the needs of rural areas and about a society that is inclusive and lives in gender equality.


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