Ukraine International Youth Policy

Talks with Ukrainian and Polish Youth Councils

The German Federal Youth Council (Bundesjugendring) met in Berlin with representatives of the national youth councils from Poland (PROM) and Ukraine (NYCU). The topic of discussion was the close cooperation of the three partners and how this can be intensified in the coming weeks.

The member organizations of the Bundesjugendring and PROM have organized a number of offers of help for people in and from Ukraine. In addition to the extensive support of refugees by active people in the youth associations, this also involved support for the youth organizations in Ukraine and its neighboring countries. At the meeting, experiences in the work with refugees were recounted and it was discussed how the networking on this issue can be expanded with the other European partner structures.

Furthermore, the Bundesjugendring exchanged views with the two directors of the German-Polish Youth Office (DPJW), Stephan Erb and Dariusz Pawłoś, on the question of how the DPJW's funding opportunities for trilateral projects with Ukraine can be used even more by member structures from the three countries.

The representatives of the three youth rings thanked the DPJW for its support so far, with the help of which, for example, the Bundesjugendring was able to establish two internships for board members of the Ukrainian Youth Council in its office.

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