Youth Dialogue

EU Youth Conference was the start of a new cycle

At the EU Youth Conference under French EU Council Presidency, young people from all over Europe discussed the focus topics in the EU Youth Dialogue "Sustainable Green Europe" and "Inclusive Societies" with political leaders. The online conference was hosted by the French Youth Council.

The meeting was the first of three EU Youth Conferences in the 9th cycle of the EU Youth Dialogue. It runs from January 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023, in parallel with the so-called trio presidency of the Council of the European Union. Every six months, a new state takes over the presidency of the Council - and hosts an EU Youth Conference.

Marius Schlageter, German Federal Youth Council board member, attended the conference. He emphasized: "We are pleased that after an intense period of handover, the new trio has taken over so well. Congratulations to the French Presidency and, first and foremost, to the French youth council CNAJEP for successfully hosting the EU Youth Conference."

France's presidency will be followed by Czech Republic and Sweden. The three countries form the current trio presidency and set common goals. The EU Youth Dialogue will focus on the implementation of the European Youth Goals #3 "Inclusive Societies" and #10 "Sustainable Green Europe" over the next 18 months.

For the new German EU Youth Delegates Sakiye Boukari and Wiebke Schricker, the conference was the start of their term of office. They discussed the main topics with other young people from all over Europe and collected their first thoughts and demands. They will soon describe their impressions of the EU Youth Conference under the French Council Presidency in a detailed report.

In the further course of the cycle, the EU Youth Delegates will collect the needs and demands of young people in Germany, take them to the upcoming EU youth conferences and discuss them with politicians. The politicians can take the results into account in their decisions and introduce them into the political processes. The youth ministers of the EU member states can incorporate the demands into the conclusions and resolutions of the Council of the EU.

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