Memory Work

Shaping society in the knowledge of the Shoah


This year marks the 77th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. We commemorate the insurgents in the Warsaw Ghetto who fought against the National Socialists' terror. "The uprising teaches us that the fight for democracy, for a pluralistic society and against anti-Semitism remains central," says our board member Matthias Schröder.

Young people continue to bear the responsibility: not to forget and to always take a critical look at society. The protection of our fellow human beings and the hope for a future in open, free societies is our central concern. In the knowledge of the past, in the knowledge of the Shoah, we want to shape society. We act in the spirit of this heritage, critically questioning political and social reality instead of taking it for granted. "We point out grievances and fight injustice," says Matthias Schröder.

Two years ago in Warsaw, together with the Youth Councils from Israel and Poland, we reflected on the present and future of remembrance work and our responsibility. What we agreed upon together is still valid: In our work with young people, we emphasize the right of every person, no matter where in the world, to a dignified life and underline the importance of moral conduct. We fight against anti-Semitic and racist conditions in our society.

Themen: Memory Work