International Youth Policy

Solidarity with Israel

We are shocked and appalled by the massive terrorist attacks by Hamas on Israel. The scale of violence and the suffering for the civilian population affected is appalling.

Our thoughts are with the attacked, abducted and injured people and their families. Our thoughts are with the families of those killed. We feel closely connected to our partners and friends, especially the Israeli Youth Ring CYMI, with whom we have had an intensive partnership for decades. For many of our member organisations, the German-Israeli youth exchange is an important part of their work. We are thus actively committed to peace and understanding and against all anti-Semitism. Together, we are deeply saddened and concerned for our many partners on the ground.

This week, together with our Israeli partner, we would have held a seminar that stands for understanding, diversity and tolerance. Under the current circumstances, this seminar cannot take place. However, we remain committed to these values and to ensuring that young people in Israel and the entire region can experience a future of peace and security.


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