Voting without German passport - Making voting rights and naturalisation fairer

On 27/28 October 2017, the DBJR General Assembly adopted the position "Voting without German passport - making voting rights and naturalisation fairer":

The German Federal Youth Council sees the right to vote as a central pillar of democracy. The youth associations and rings regard the fact that even young people who live in Germany but do not have German citizenship are not allowed to vote in many cases as a democratic deficit. In addition, there are bureaucratic and financial hurdles that make it more difficult to acquire German citizenship in order to obtain the right to vote under today's legislation.

The German Federal Youth Council demands that the right to vote at European, federal, state and local level be linked to the centre of life and not only to the acquisition of German citizenship, and that the naturalisation process be simplified.


Majority with eleven abstentions decided by the DBJR General Assembly on 27/28 October 2017 in Berlin.

Themen: Democracy