International Youth Policy

Dialogue with Albanian National Youth Congress

We met with Klajdi Priska from the National Youth Congress of Albania. We agreed on a joint project and pledged support in political networking.

The conversation with Klajdi Priska was the first in a long time that could take place in presence. Our chairman Tobi Köck met with his colleague from the National Youth Congress of Albania (Kongresi Rinor Kombëtar, KRK) in our offices. The KRK has been a close partner of the German Federal Youth Council for many years.

Together with our partner structures, we actively advocate for a Europe united in diversity and the strengthening of civil society. Pro-European forces include, above all, youth associations such as the KRK. The fact that the member states of the European Union have agreed to start accession negotiations with Albania is an important signal, especially to young people in the region.

In the exchange with Klajdi Priska, we took a look at the coming year. In 2022, the Albanian capital Tirana will become the "European Youth Capital". The award is given by the Congress of Local and Regional Authorities of the Council of Europe on the initiative of the European Youth Forum. The aim is to give cities the opportunity to present themselves with a diverse program and to show how young people are specifically given the opportunity to contribute in all areas, to participate and to exchange ideas.

In this context, we have agreed on a joint project to make the work of youth organizations in Albania visible at all levels. As German Federal Youth Council we also welcome the application for membership in the European Youth Forum and continue to support the networking in the Western Balkans cooperation RYCO.

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