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Dialogue with EU Youth Ministers

Marius Schlageter zugeschaltet über einen großen Fernseher, darunter der Konferenztisch.
The Informal Meeting of EU Youth Ministers brought together EU Youth Commissioner Mariya Gabriel, youth ministers and state secretaries as well as youth representatives from all EU member states. Marius Schlageter represented the interests of young people from Germany.

"As German Federal Youth Council, we expressly welcome the format. It is important that youth representatives sit at the table when the political leaders from the member states exchange ideas," said Marius Schlageter. The exchange was prepared by the EU youth representatives during the EU Youth Conference. The inforamal meeting is planned take place regularly and be a new step for the elaboration of European political perspectives by and for young people.

Marius Schlageter brought central demands for the exchange program Erasmus+ to the round of EU youth ministers. Education for sustainable development must be more strongly anchored in the Greening Erasmus process. For all his praise for the discussion format, he expressed disappointment that the EU Youth Commissioner was not addressing the issue. "Erasmus+ has been around for 30 years now and it urgently needs to be adapted to current circumstances. It needs clearly more than a green coat of paint of the program!", said Marius Schlageter. The German Federal Youth Council has formulated concrete expectations for the further development of the EU programs Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps and Creative Europe.

The participating youth representatives brought in further urgent topics. They agreed that the role of youth associations and youth councils must be strengthened. They also called for a uniform voting age of 16 throughout Europe and a youth check at the European level.

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