Outcomes of the EU Youth Conference

The EU Youth Conference during the German Presidency took place from 2 to 5 October 2020 in a digital format. 200 participants from about 40 European countries discussed explored, discussed and worked on the topics youth, democracy and participation and developed ideas and demands on how the Youth Goal #9 “Space and Participation for All” could be realised. On this page you find an overview of all papers documenting the outcomes of the EU Youth Conference and providing further reading on its topics.

Harvesting Summary

A detailed report on the conference based on the work of the Harvesting Team, a group of young people who documented the conference. Go to Harvesting Summary.
Around 40 pages + 60 pages of annexes – For in-depth reading

Main Outcomes

The document focusses on the political demands that were formulated at the end of the conference including key aspects from the discussions that lead to the developments of the demands. Go to Main Outcomes.
15 pages – For follow up-processes

Conference Report

The Conference Report gives an overview of what the conference was all about. It puts the conference into context and explains how the programme was set up. Its focus lies on the outcomes of the conference and what they can be used for in the future. Go to Conference Report.
13 pages – For an overview of the conference


The seven demands of the EU youth delegates can be put forward as political demands and they can be used in the daily work of youth organisations. The seven digital postcards can be used in a variety of ways to disseminate the demands of young people in Europe. Go to Postcards.
7 postcards – To spread the demands widely

Organising the first digital EUYC - Experiences and Recommendations

With the document "Organising EUYC - Experiences and Recommendations" we want to report what we learned and what we can recommend based on our conference and thus pass on ideas to others. Go to Experiences and Recommendations.
34 pages - For insights into the organisation of the EU Youth Conference

News & Articles

We have already published various news and articles before and during the conference on our website. Go to EU Youth Conference website.